Your Salary, Paid Immediately

What is Earned Wages Access (EWA)?
The Earned Wage Access (EWA) solution empowers corporations to offer their employees the option to access their earned wages before payday. Unlike the conventional monthly payroll system, where employees receive their wages only at the end of the month, this solution provides employees with the flexibility to access and utilize their earnings whenever they need it.

Early Earn Wage Software

Offer employees the option of enhanced financial control and emergency assistance by granting them flexibility and enabling access to a portion of their accrued wages ahead of the scheduled payday through the utilization of the MyUpah cloud-based applications.

Keep Track of Your Employees EWA Activity with our Insights Dashboard

The Insight dashboard presents a concise summary of the MyUpah employer platform, providing a rapid analysis of employee withdrawals, account activity, and overall utilization of the wage advance application. The user section furnishes a detailed breakdown of the total number of employees who have been invited to utilize MyUpah, aiding in the monitoring and assessment of enrolment rates and adoption.

The accounts information empowers you to comprehend employee engagement with the platform, offering valuable insights into their usage patterns and interactions. The Withdrawals section enables administrators to effectively track and anticipate employee demand for the MyUpah salary on-demand solution, facilitating proactive planning and resource allocation.

Set-up Rules and Configure Availability

MyUpah offers a socially responsible approach for your employees to access their earned wages prior to payday. With this solution, you retain control over the timing and amount that employees can access, eliminating the necessity for costly short-term credit. Designed to cater to the needs of the modern workforce, our solution promotes flexible wage access, enabling employees to effectively manage their finances. By implementing MyUpah, you position yourself as a highly progressive employer committed to the well-being and financial empowerment of your workforce.

Your Wage, Paid Immediately

Earned Wages Access (EWA)

Employer Benefits

Employee Benefits​

“We’re doing not only to be socially responsible but we’re also protecting people dignity.”

EWA helps employees steer clear of high-interest and predatory loan from third-party credit provider, no matter if they’re legal or not. Plus, it even stop them from borrowing from friends, colleagues and family when they’re in a tight spot financially.

You know what’s the best part? Some employees go through tough times but don’t want to trouble their employer by asking for an advance salary. With EWA, they can handle their financial stress independently without compromising their dignity or feeling awkward in front of their boss. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Frequently Asked Question

MyUpah is a financial well-being provider that collaborates with employers to enable them to offer their employees the option to access their earned salary on demand.
Through the MyUpah app, employees can effortlessly access a portion of their earned salary with a simple click. The process involves logging into the app, reviewing the amount of salary earned, and directly withdrawing it to their bank account.
No, Earned Wage Access (EWA) is not a loan. It allows employees to access their earned salary when they need it.  
Employees can request a withdrawal as soon as they are granted access by HR. They can access their earned salary at any time during the month until the payroll cut-off date.
No, there is no impact on statutory deductions as the basic salary remains unchanged.
a) Prospective users must first create an account by selecting the “Create an account” prompt within the platform. Follow the subsequent instructions to successfully register your account.

b) Returning users, select the “Sign in here” prompt, and input your previously registered MyUpah account credentials. Post authentication, specify the preferred withdrawal value and activate the “withdraw” function. Following this, validate the specified transactional amount to initiate processing of your withdrawal.
Eligible users gain immediate access to earned wages upon successful registration on the MyUpah platform.
MyUpah imposes a minimal flat transaction charge. As this service is not classified as a loan, there is no associated interest or hidden fees.
The accessibility of funds in your bank account post withdrawal can require up between 24-48 hours, contingent on your banking institutions’ processing times.  
The limitation on withdrawal frequency is determined on a company-specific basis.
Challenges with accessing the MyUpah platform could be attributed to several factors. Here are the common causes and possible solutions: Incorrect credentials: Ensure that the log in details entered are accurate. On occurrence of a forgotten password, you can request a reset by selecting “Forgot Password” on the login screen. Connectivity issue: Assess the stability of your internet connection. Continued internet availability is mandatory for the function of the sign-in feature in the app. In the event the aforementioned solutions prove ineffective, reach out to the MyUpah support team for further assistance.

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